Recorded webinar:

Recorded on 25 May 2023.

GADIP (Gender and Development in Practice), who collaborates with the European network WIDE + (Women in Development Europe+) are organising a panel discussion on the contributions of feminist foreign policy and what actions we now can take after the dismantlement in Sweden.

Recorded webinar: La casa de las muñecas – Transpersoner och hemlöshet i Mexico

Inspelade webinar, 27 apr 2023.
“La Casa de las Muñecas Tiresias A.C.” är en inkluderande trans-feminist organisation som försöker förbättra levnadsvillkor för personer med icke normativa könsidentiteter i Mexiko genom omfattande projekt för att stärka och försvara mänskliga rättigheter med sikte på kulturell omvandling och social integration fri från diskriminering.

Webinar: “Polish Communist Women in the Long Sixties: What Is Left of Their Experience for Leftist Feminism in Today’s Poland?”

This lecture will lead to reflecting on questions like: ‘Do contemporary leftist feminists want to remember the activism of political radicals of the not so distant past – their achievements and failures?’, ‘What lessons do they draw from the experiences of their predecessors? Does the promise of equality for all people have a chance to continue in our current reality?’.