Webinar: “Polish Communist Women in the Long Sixties: What Is Left of Their Experience for Leftist Feminism in Today’s Poland?”

Monday 9 January, 2023, 18:15-20:00 CET, in ENG/ESP

Stalinism, despite its authoritarian or even totalitarian practices, brought radical social, economic and cultural changes to post-war Poland. In this lecture – contrary to the popular thesis of a post-Stalinist backlash – Agnieszka Mrozik highlights that Polish communist women politicians, intellectuals and activists, who after the war pursued a program of socialist modernization, one of the main pillars of which was the emancipation of women, did not give up the struggle to realize their ideals in the years between the mid-1950s and mid-1970s.

This lecture will lead to reflecting on questions like: ‘Do contemporary leftist feminists want to remember the activism of political radicals of the not so distant past – their achievements and failures?’, ‘What lessons do they draw from the experiences of their predecessors? Does the promise of equality for all people have a chance to continue in our current reality?’. Natali Stegmann will help deepen the reflection on the present condition and future of the left and leftist feminism.