"GADIP’s aim is to create a forum for researchers, practitioners and activists to meet and engage in dialogue concerning gender and development issues in Sweden as well as internationally"


seminars, workshops AND ANNOUNCEMENTS

Varmt välkomna att delta i vårt kommande webinar om den rådande situationen för kvinnor i Afghanistan. Ingen registrering krävs. Följ denna länk till zoom onsdag den 15 september klockan 18:00

Varmt välkomna på årsmöte, 30/9 kl. 18:00 via zoom!

Betalande medlemmar har rösträtt vid årsmötet. Bli medlem eller förnya ditt medlemskap genom att betala medlemsavgift: 100kr/år till Bg 354-3295 eller Swish 1234882395. Ange ditt namn och kontaktuppgifter.

Årsmötet inleds med en föreläsning av Ulla Björnberg: "Integration på kvinnors villkor"
Föredraget utgår från en studie av hur och varför kvinnor som invandrat till Göteborg har organiserat sig för att ta tillvara och driva sina intressen och behov som kvinnor.
Här hittar ni möteslänk och dagordning!
Recorded webconferens: COVID-19 pandemic and women with non-European background in Sweden - June 16th - 17th  (Swe-Eng)

A discussion about the pandemic, feminism, rights, (in)equality, racialization, economy, poverty, segregation, social vulnerability and violence, as support and social network, as well.

June 16th panelists: Claudia Ferrofrom the Colectiva Feminista en Suecia - Maíz; Mary Brakner, president of the Nigerian Swedish Tradefair Group;  Bernardita Núñez, founder and manager of  the organization Terrafem's manager. Click here to watch the recording (external link).

June 17th panelists: Janet Tifuh, Secretary General of the Cameroon Women’s Initiative in Skåne - Sweden och Arij Ali, study skills tutor, study circle leader and translator at Folkuniversitet. Click here to watch the recording (external link).

WIDE+ News and updates

Video recordings are now available of WIDE+ webinars the past months: Online gender based Violence, COVID19 and care, and the EU-Mercosur trade agreement. WIDE+ also joined over 100 networks in a letter to the UN, Tax Justice For Women's Rights 2021, which was sent during the previous Commission of the Status of Women, held last March. Furthermore, WIDE+ published the recording of its webinar of Abril 23th, "When Pandemics Collide: COVID-19 and Gendered Health Inequities of the Forcibly Displaced", where the panelists Goleen Samari, Lily Jacobi, Marijana Savić, and Shaden Khallaf discussed COVID-19 and the multiple pandemics coinciding at once for women. To watch it, follow the link above. For more information, visit WIDE+ webpage.

Recorded webinar: Pojkar blir till män - Seminarium om uppfostran och ansvar - May 30th 2021 (Swe)

In this webinar arranged by Svalorna Latinamerika held on mother's day, GADIP's president Edmé Domínguez participated in a conversation regarding masculinity norms, parenting and the raising of boys. To view the recorded webinar, click the link above.

Panelists: Atilla Yoldas, journalist, activist, writer and author of the book "Mansboken - Från en kille till en annan". Edmé Domínguez, associate Professor of Peace and Development Research with a focus on Latin American studies at the University of Gothenburg.

Webinar: A Gender Just Trade Policy and the EU-Mercosur Agreement - April 21 5.00-7.00 PM Central European Time

This webinar organised by WIDE+ and the Gender Trade Coalition, in collaboration with Seattle2Brussels, will reflect what a gender just trade policy would entail for the EU-Mercosur agreement and where it falls short. To register to the webinar and for more information, click the link above.

Moderator: Edmé Dominguez, School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University, Sweden, board member GADIP and WIDE+. Speakers: Graciela Rodriguez, instituto equit, Brazil, member of Gender Trade Coalition. Bettina Müller, Powershift, Germany, and member of Seattle2Brussels. Alma Espino, Institute of Economics, University of the Republic, Uruguay, consultant for UNRISD, UN Women, IDB, ECLAC, UNDP, ILO and others.

The Withdrawal of Turkey from the Istanbul Convention: Urgent Appeal to the Council of Europe - EŞİK - March 20th

On 20th March, a decision of the President announced the withdrawal of Turkey from the Istanbul convention - "a crucial and historic defining point for human rights, rule of law, and democracy in Turkey, with possible severe implications at international level". EŞİK - The Women's Platform for Equality Turkey, urge the Council of Europe to look into the process and to investigate the legality of this act as well as its implications regarding international law. Click the link above to read EŞİK's full letter.

Recorded webinar: Women and Feminism in Latin America: advances and backlashes - March 9th 2021

A webinar regarding the Latin American feminism achievements, conservative backlashes on gender issues, activism and current challenges, with focus on Argentina, Brazil and México.

The panelists are the researchers, specialists, feminists and activists  Maria Eugenia Romero Contreras, from Gender Equity, Citizenship, Work and Family, and of the Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Mexico (DDESER (México); Professor Graciela Di Marco, from the University of San Martin, Argentina, known internationally for her research within gender issues; Professor and writer Cristina Wolff and the researcher journalist Morgani Guzzo, both from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, in Brazil.

Recorded webinar: Latin American Indigenous Women: feminism, activism, traditions - February 15th 2021

Webinar regarding traditions and gender issues faced by activists and feminists Latin American Indigenous women. With the panelists, militants and academics Norma Don Juan, from the Ciudad de México, member of the Nahua indigenous people, and  Jaqueline Kambiwá, from Brazil, member-representative of the Kambiwá’s Youth People.

Recorded webinar: Den feministiska kampen mot könsrelaterat våld i Latinamerika: Fallet Mexiko - January 27 2021

Dr. Edmé Domínguez Reyes är docent i freds- och utvecklingsforskning med inriktning mot Latinamerikastudier och genusfrågor vid institutionen för Globala studier, Göteborgs universitet. I samarbete med Solidaritet med Ayotzinapa - Sverige och ABF Malmö. Tryck på länken i rubriken för att titta.

Recorded webinar: The women’s strike in Poland as a feminist strategy for change - January 15th 2021

In this webinar, leaders from the women's movements in Poland reflect on strike as a powerful feminist strategy and as an example for other women's rights defenders on political mobilization. Arranged by WIDE+ in collaboration with Bunt Kobiet. To view the recorded webinar, click the link above. 

Recorded Webinar: Mexico, Gender-based Violence and Feminist Protests on the Increase - 30 Nov 2020

Three Mexican activists speak about their experiences and the situation regarding gender-based violence, as well as the enormous wave of feminist protests in the country. The speakers are Norma Don Juan, Mujeres Indígenas de México, CONAMI; Maru Romero and Gady Dircio, both from the Equidad de Género, Ciudadanía, Trabajo y Familia A.C. Click the link above to view the recorded webinar.

Recorded Concert without fear/Concierto sin miedo

On Saturday 14 November 2020, Soundino Music arranged its 9th concert, in collaboration with the collective Solidaridad con Ayotzinapa Suecia. The aim of the concert is to raise money for the feminist collective Frente Nacional para la Sororidad de las Defensoras Digitales, working to promote digital culture from a gender perspective. To watch it, please click the link above.

Installation: Zapatos Rojos - Offentlig Konst i Malmö - October 17th 2020

Latinamerika i fokus arranged a replica of Elina Chauvet's work Zapatos Rojos Arte Público (Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, 2009), which has been exhibited in several places around the world. The installation aims at making gender-based violence, and in particular femicide, visible. To view the installation, click the link above.

Recorded webinar: Feminist grassroots perspectives on trade policy - September 30th 2020

Despite a growing acceptance regarding the importance of incorporating women’s economic empowerment and gender into international trade policymaking, the perspectives of feminist women, men and other gender identities on current trade policy are rarely heard. This session, organized by WIDE+ Gender and Trade Working group, highlights the voices of feminist scholars and activists, linking the micro experiences at grassroots level with the overarching macro-economic developments that international trade policies are driving. Click the link above to be directed to the session.



Statement to the IMF on ending austerity

This statement has collected 500 signatures from organizations and academics from 87 countries. The undersigned, including GADIP, call on the IMF to immediately stop promoting austerity around the world, and instead advocate policies that advance gender justice, reduce inequality, and decisively put people and planet first. To read the full statement, click on the link above.



Publication: The Europe we want? Feminist approaches to gender, migration and democracy 

This WIDE publication discusses issues around gender and migration in Europe, with a special focus on challenges in Spain, Austria, Poland, Belgium and Sweden. It is the result of a two years project, supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, and it is meant to serve as a resource for adult educators and interested public.