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  • Promoting Gender Equality through Accessing Microfinace Opportunities of Minority Women in Son La Provice, Vietnam

    Poverty is the root cause of gender inequality, especially among ethnic with minority women. Microfinance Linh-Trang Nguyen programmes have been recognized as an effective tool to promote poverty reduction in Vietnam, significally contributing to promoting gender equality. Through micro finance services, low-income groups, disadvantaged and vulnerable women groups […]

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  • Gender Backlash

    The purpose of this conference is to illuminate how women systematically are being deprived of their human dignity and subsequently becomes lawless and vulnerable to abuse of various kinds. Our seminar wants to highlight that this is a global phenomenon with many faces where the fundamental issue is […]

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    Summary WIDE+ led Erasmus+ project: “Expanding tools in Addressing Barrieres for Migrant Women to participate in Democratic Life” This transnational collaboration aims to encourage and empower migrant women to participate in civic and democratic action in Europe. Migrant women are for us all women, including gender non-conforming persons, […]

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  • WEBINAR: Feminism and transgender rights in Colombia: A deep dive

    Thursday October 12, 18:00 CET On Zoom – Read more to register. A webinar about the clash between trans and radical feminist movements in Colombia. Emilia Morales presents her key findings researching the dynamics of the transgender debate in Colombia.

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  • Recorded webinar: Dismantlement of the Swedish feminist foreign policy

    Recorded on 25 May 2023. GADIP (Gender and Development in Practice), who collaborates with the European network WIDE + (Women in Development Europe+) are organising a panel discussion on the contributions of feminist foreign policy and what actions we now can take after the dismantlement in Sweden.

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