Board members

Edmé Dominguez                       President

Lisa Sutton                                   Vice president

Nancy Contreras                        Treasure

Sara Erlandsson                          Board member

Regina Mattsson                        Board member

Suzanne Forsberg                      Board member

Allis Millegård                             Board member

Linda Lane                                   Deputy

Carina Larusson                        Election committee

Edmé Dominguez

I was involved in transforming GADIP from a project funded by SIDA to an ideal association when the funding ran out and it was to be shut down, many years ago. Why did we want GADIP to survive? Because we thought it was a good platform to unite forces, academics and activists and to unite the fight for equality in Sweden with the one going on in the rest of the world.

Ulla Björnberg

My involvement in Gadip is because I want to support improvements for women’s conditions. Collaboration between research and activism both internationally and nationally has always attracted me.