WIDE+ News and updates

Video recordings are now available of WIDE+ webinars the past months:

  • Online gender based Violence
  • COVID19 and care
  • EU-Mercosur trade agreement

WIDE+ also joined over 100 networks in a letter to the UN, Tax Justice For Women’s Rights 2021, which was sent during the previous Commission of the Status of Women, held last March.

Furthermore, WIDE+ published the recording of its webinar of Abril 23th, “When Pandemics Collide: COVID-19 and Gendered Health Inequities of the Forcibly Displaced”, where the panelists Goleen Samari, Lily Jacobi, Marijana Savić, and Shaden Khallaf discussed COVID-19 and the multiple pandemics coinciding at once for women.

To watch it, follow the link above. For more information, visit WIDE+ webpage.